synopsis:Prints Data Source Name connection string on stdout

Supported Databases

Currently the following databases are supported:

  • PostgreSQL (psycopg2 or postgis)
  • Sqlite3
  • MySQL

Patches to support other databases are welcome! :-)

Exit Codes

Exit status is 0

Example Usage

# Prints the DSN for the default database
$ ./manage.py sqldsn
# Prints the DSN for all databases
$ ./manage.py sqldsn --all
# Print the DSN for database named 'slave'
$ ./manage.py sqldsn --database=slave
# Print all DSN styles available for the default database
$ ./manage.py sqldsn --style=all
# Create .pgpass file for default database by using the quiet option
$ ./manage.py sqldsn -q --style=pgpass > .pgpass